Help & Support

At poa! we really care about all our customers! Customer Care is our priority and is provided to you through several channels to make your life as easy as possible:

poa! internet portal: The central hub of our service, through the poa! portal you can access Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), a knowledge base, and raise a support request with our Customer Care team if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.

Face-to-face Cybers: Throughout Kibera there are poa! internet affiliated Cyber’s who are there to provide you with face to face support. If your issue can’t be resolved by them on the spot, they will either help you raise a support request or even raise one on your behalf if you can’t get connected. At all times they will work with you to solve your issues.

Here are the locations of our Cybers:

Blessed Empire Ayani

Movie King Ayani

Fenix cyber Ayani

Link Computer Services Gatwekera

Trends Technology 1 Kambi Muru

HNP Cyber Kamukunji

Vision Sisters Kianda

Red Bubble Laini Saba

L7 Empire Laini Saba

Classic Cyber Makina

The Cyber Makina

Rehma Ta Allah Makina

Shedders Cyber Makina

Trends Technology 2 Mashimoni

Winste Cyber Olympic


Zabibu Cyber Olympic

Somo Project Olympic

Mansio Cyber Raila

Gestalt Cyber Silanga

Resource Center Soweto East

Face-to-Face Agents: In addition to our network of Cybers, poa! Customer Care staff are walking around Kibera aiming to help you. You can stop them in the street and ask them for help. Look out for them as they’re wearing their poa! branded T Shirts.

Email: If you are having issues connecting to the portal and you can’t get to a nearby Cyber, you can always send an email describing any issues you may be having, along with your username and the mobile number you have registered with us, to . This email will go to our Customer Care team who will work with you to resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

Social Media: You can contact us on social media via Facebook and Twitter.

In all cases, the team at poa! aim to respond to your request within 4 working hours.